April 28, 2010

What do we have here?

A quilt top…


Ok, I’ll admit that it still needs borders, but still! My backing fabric shipped this morning so it should be here sometime tomorrow (I think). I will put the borders on later today or tomorrow morning while I am stalking waiting for the mail man. I am hoping to have it quilted by Friday night so I can add it to my finishes for April.

Want to know something funny?? The whole time I have been putting this top together I have been craving eggs! The shapes remind me of eggs sunny side up. Hubby thought I was insane, but hey I see it! If that white one in the center had a yellow circle it would look JUST LIKE A FRIED EGG :)


Back when I knew it ALL

Up until recently (VERY RECENTLY) my youngest son Parker (he is 12 now, will be 13 in June) would end just about every sentence he said with “Right Mom”. I have noticed here lately that he hasn’t been doing that, so last night I asked him why he doesn’t say it any more…Want to know what he said???
PARKER: “I used to think you knew EVERYTHING, now I realized you DON’T know as much as I thought you did”
ME: “Your right Parker, I don’t know everything and I am glad that you are becoming your own person. You have grown up so much”
ME: (On the inside) THANKS…WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!
I miss my baby and being the center of his world :(
Parker when he was 6
play day 9-28-03 011 (2)1
Parker now

April 27, 2010

Going in Circles

I am making good progress on my Frolic Quilt. I have half of the top completely finished. I am going to be working on the other half here in a minute. It is really turning out CUTE.

My 1st circle…not badDSC_0006


My 1st flower…could use some improvement.



2nd flower…much better!



Love the dots!


1/2 finished!


This was my first time machine appliquéing. I almost let that fact keep me from making this quilt. I am so HAPPY that I didn’t! Appliqué isn’t that hard if you just slow down and watch what you are doing :)

I need to order my backing fabric this evening. Hopefully I will have this quilt completed in time to add to my April finishes.


Puppy Love

Kody has me wrapped around his little paw…how could I resist his cute little face?? I LOVE my pup :)

April 26, 2010

Have you Heard???


EQ7 is coming out on June 7, 2010

I for one can not wait!


Google Reader Users

I use Google Reader to read all my subscriptions and Blogs I follow. I HATE logging into Reader so one day I was looking around for an easier way and found out how to add a SUBSCRIPTION button and NEXT button to my browsers shortcut bar (I use Firefox but have used this in Chrome and IE too). It makes reading all the blogs you follow so much easier. It also makes it easier to subscribe to a blog.

To do this you need to log into Reader. Up at the top left you will see something like this…

reneboyd@luv2kreate.com | Settings | Help | Sign out

Choose “SETTINGS” This will give you a drop down menu. You want to choose “READER SETTINGS”. Which will bring up a page with the following tabs…

Preferences  Subscriptions  Folders and Tags  Goodies  Import/Export  Send To

You want to choose “GOODIES”

Read the info and it will tell you EXACTLY what to do.

If you decide to use this let me know how you like it! I couldn’t live with out these shortcuts now!


April 25, 2010

Productive Day!

Such a LOVELY pile of scraps…DSC_1045


This is what the quilt looks like as of now…I need to go to Joann’s tomorrow to get thread to appliqué the circles.DSC_1050

I am doing my quilt just a little different than Natalia did hers. I am adding 1/2 circles to the 1/2 blocks on the outer edge. I Liked the way it looked and I wanted to use ALL the charm squares. I still have to finish cutting out petals for some of the blocks, but that won’t take long. I will probably get that done before I head to bed.

This quilt is really fun to make. It is coming along nicely. The most difficult thing was cutting out all the circles, which wasn’t hard at all just took time with all the starching and cutting (I used Natalia’s starch appliqué tutorial—LOVED IT by the way). I probably could have gotten them done faster, but I wasn’t in a BIG hurry.


I have all the petals cut out. I decided to add pedals to ALL the blocks that used a solid print. Natalia only did a few of them. I didn’t want my quilt to be EXACTLY the same. Plus I am leaving off the appliqué words at the bottom too.

I got a lot done so I am heading to bed…will work on it some more tomorrow after the trip to Joann’s.


Couldn’t Help Myself…

I feel like I accomplished a lot this month so I planned on taking a little break before starting another project, BUT I couldn’t help myself. I got my sewing area all cleaned up from my other project and set the Frolic Bloom Quilt supplies out so they would be ready when I decided to start it…They just looked so exciting and fun so I decided to go a head and get started. I am going to try and not be in a BIG hurry to get it finished (yea right).
I have the Layer Cake pieces all cut in half and ready for the next step.
I really love all the bight happy colors in this line. The piece on top might be my favorite…but there isn’t one piece in this collection that I don’t LOVE! I can’t wait to cuddle up under this fun quilt! Hopefully my appliqué will turn out OK. That is my only worry :(
Thanks Natalia for such a wonderful tutorial. You are such an inspiration!

Pieces cut…DSC_1040
We have a layout…DSC_1041
Mental Note: I really have to find something to do with the scrap triangles…DSC_1040
Any ideas???

April 24, 2010


April Goals
Recess Charm Quilt
Frolic Quilt
Sew 2 Speak Block
1 Year, 12 Quilts Block
Round Robin Block
Hubby's B-Day Quilt

I managed to get everything done on my list EXCEPT the Frolic Quilt. In my defense I added hubby’s B-Day Quilt. It was not part of the original plan for April, but I decided that is would be best to go ahead and get it done because you never know what obstacles you will be presented with. I also added some scrap blocks to the list…just for fun. I may or may not start the Frolic Quilt this month. I may wait a while. I have SEVERAL new patterns and fabrics I would like to PLAY with :)




I did not get pictures of my SEW 2 SPEAK blocks or my ROUND ROBIN blocks…but I assure you they are done…

All in all a good month. I managed to finish 2 complete quilts!


Two More Down!

I am officially finished with the Recess (mother’s day for Nanny) Quilt and the B-day (for hubby) Quilt. I don’t have them labeled, but I am still trying to decide how I want to do that and what I want them to say. Anyway, here they are…   






Not exactly the best pics, but I don’t have many places to hang them to get good outside pics…plan on practicing to get better ones.

I am so happy with the way the quilting turned out on hubby’s quilt. It was my second time to stipple. For those of you who have been reading my blog will probably remember my 1st attempt to stipple (the valentine quilt). The machine ended up getting put in the shop for several weeks :( While it was there they tuned several things, and also upgraded my BSR foot to a heavier spring and washer…WOW is all I can say. NO MORE skipped stitches. I worked beautifully! I was able to keep my stippling uniform this time to :) I can not wait to give this to hubby!

I am just as pleased with the way the Recess quilt turned out. I love the way I chose to quilt it. I really think my Nanny is going to LOVE it!


April 22, 2010

He’s Back…

And all is right in my world!



Great Mail Day…

I have had the best mail day! I will let the photos speak for themselves :)




I am smiling from ear to ear!


What is Wrong with this Picture???

Can anyone tell me what is wrong with these pictures??? BESIDES the quality???

  DSC_1014 DSC_1015 DSC_1016 DSC_1017


If you guessed Kody is missing then you are right (that last shot probably gave it away).

Kody had his grooming appointment today. I dropped him off at 8:50 this morning and he is still not back…I miss him when he is gone…HATE grooming day!



Sometimes in the blogging world you get lucky enough to find someone that you develop a friendship with. I still find it funny that I can consider myself a friend of someone I have never actually met! One such person for me is Crystal. I don’t remember how I first came across her blog, but I was instantly draw to it. He photos and stories about her 3 little boys often brought back memories of my own 3 boys. Like me she is the only “female” in a house full of “males”. Through her blog I have come to know Crystal as a kind, generous, faithful, amazing woman and a VERY dedicated mom.

Recently Crystal had a little Name My Quilt contest on her blog. The prize was a mini quilt she had made. I am the lucky winner of that quilt and it came in the mail today…I just LOVE IT! It is soft and beautiful.

Thank you Crystal!

Even the envelop it came in was sweetly decorated…


Inside was a sweet note from Crystal thanking me for helping her name her quilt. She also told me that this is the first quilt she’s made that has gone to someone OTHER than a family member. She also pointed out that it didn’t have a label, but what she doesn’t know is it doesn’t need one. This is the 1st quilt that I have received from a friend and every time I see it I will think of my new friend :)

DSC_1026  DSC_1022 DSC_1023 DSC_1024 DSC_1025

I have another online friend that informed me that I needed to start photographing my quilts in my backyard…So CJ I experimented with these photos just for you!!