March 31, 2010

CGQC—Finishes For March

Bind Spring Squared
Finish 3rd Mini Quilt
Bind Mini Quilt-1 & 2
Make Life Quilt
1 Year, 12 Quilts-House Blocks
RR blocks-Chisholm Trail Block
Sew 2 Speak blocks-Crazy Log Cabin

As you can see I got most of my stuff done. I don’t feel bad that I didn’t get it all finished. I had a VERY BUSY month with in-laws visiting and Spring Break.

Now I just have to decide what I will do for April :)


March 28, 2010

Michele’s Chisholm Trail Block

For Round Robin Block Exchange 2010



March 23, 2010

Lessons Learned…

When making Quilting Bee blocks DON’T try to do raw edge appliqué on the individual block. Maybe I am just inexperienced, but it just did not work out for me. It looks so much better to do it while quilting… I feel so bad that I am having to send my Bee blocks to Aimee unfinished, but luckily she is a sweetheart and was really kind about it. I still think the blocks are going to look great, I just won’t be the one to finish them. Now I am off to do some ripping and cut replacement pieces for the blocks so I can send them on.

I am adding this to a list of lessons learned…

Thanks for not getting upset with me Aimee :)


March 17, 2010

Out with Old, In with the New

I had a really great week, and Hubby spoiled me rotten. He called me Friday afternoon and told me to get everything out of my car and wash it…so I did. He came home about an hour later and said “get your keys”. We got in the car and he drove me to the Toyota house. I have been wanting a Toyota for several years now. I test drove a Venza and a Highlander and in the end went with the Highlander.
Hubby is an EXCELLENT negotiator when it comes to purchasing new cars (I always feel sorry for the car reps). He told the rep what he was willing to pay and when they came back and said there is NO WAY we can do that, hubby got our keys and walked out. Two hours later the rep called us and said if we would come up $500 on what we said we would pay then we had a deal. So I got a brand new 2010 fully loaded Highlander Limited for an incredible price on top of 0% financing :)
 DSC_0968 DSC_0969 DSC_0970 DSC_0971 DSC_0972
Then, as if that wasn’t enough, Sunday he went to Verizon to get himself a new phone (his broke) and he came home with a new one for me too. I have to say, when I got it I was a little overwhelmed, but now I LOVE MY NEW PHONE!
We got Motorola Droids. I swear they are just like mini laptop computers :)
We also had family here since Saturday…doesn’t get any better than that! Too bad they had to leave this morning. I already miss them and we are already planning trips to visit again :)
Hope everyone is enjoying their week, and if you are celebrating Spring Break I hope you are enjoying some sunshine!!

March 12, 2010

Just Checking In

I haven’t posted in a few days, because I have been trying to get ready for my In-Laws to visit. They will be here tomorrow evening and will be leaving on Wednesday. I am so excited about them coming. The hardest part of moving has been missing family.

Besides the normal getting the house ready stuff, I have also been working on my quilting bee blocks. I was able to get my Sew 2 Speak blocks finished (posted in the previous post). I almost have my house blocks finished for 1 Year, 12 Quilts bee.

DSC_0960 DSC_0961

The “details” are just laying there. I still need to sew them all on. They will be raw edge appliqué.

I still need to make my Round Robin block, and will do that next weekend.

Beside getting stuff done around here, hubby and I have also been looking at new cars. I think we have found “the one” and have negotiated a pretty good deal (thanks to my hubby). I think we are going back to the dealership tomorrow morning and will hopefully drive my new car home :)

I will not be around until Wednesday, so I hope everyone has a wonderful week!


March 8, 2010

Sew 2 Speak Blocks

Here are the Sew 2 Speak Bee blocks for march. Anna (AKA Singings) asked for wonky log cabins. She sent various fabric sizes to use. I looked at the fabric for a few days trying to come up with a plan. In the end my plan was to have no plan. I just started cutting and sewing pieces together and came up with this block.


Then I sewed the left over pieces together and came up with this block.


Anna, I hope you like them :)


Pics as Promised

DSC_0951  DSC_0953 DSC_0954


March 7, 2010


I finally sat down and finished the binding on my SPRING SQUARED quilt. I have never taken so long to bind a quilt, but this one was a big one and I wasn’t able to get it done during our Thursday night TV (that is usually when I do my bindings). Anyway, Scott is gone this morning and I decided that today was the day to finish up these projects so I can move on. I just put the quilt in the wash and will post a pic when it comes out of the dryer.


March 6, 2010

Trying Something New

I am really needing some new clothes, and while at my LQS the other day I saw some really cute skirts (and fabric of course). Fran (one of the sales ladies) convinced me that they are not hard at all to make. She then proceeded to take me around the shop and show me all sorts of cute fabric combos that would make really cute skirts…SO I ended up leaving with a pattern and telling her I would go home and break the news to my hubby that I needed MORE material to try my hand at this new adventure :) I also told her I would be back on Saturday. Well Saturday is here, and I am heading to see Fran today after lunch to purchase some cute black and white fabric for the skirt I am going to attempt to make. I got to looking at the pattern and realized that I have to put in a zipper (really nervous about that). I have never put in a zipper or a button or even attempted to make clothing so I am really nervous about how it is going to turn out. My MIL will be here next weekend and I am hoping to have the skirt made up to the point of the zipper so maybe she can help me….wish me luck!

Here is the pattern I am going to use. My skirt won’t be as scrappy :)


It is the Francesca by Serendipity Studio.

I have also ordered this pattern


This one is Favorite Things Cute Skirt. I plan on making one like the 2 in the middle…these do not have zippers :)

I am thinking about ordering this one too…



March 5, 2010

I have Labels

Thanks to Sewtakeahike and her label tutorial I now have my very own set of labels :)

The only problem I had was the sheet fed through the printed crooked just a little bit so now I have to straighten them out :(DSC_0949DSC_0950DSC_0945  I wish I could have found the white fabric paper, but all they had was cream. I guess I will have to order white so I can have both colors…All in all I am pretty pleased.


March 4, 2010

Another Shout Out

Every month Kelly from Charming Chatter gives two $25 gift certificates to members of her Charming Girls & Guys Quilt Club for her store Cotton Charm Quilts. My name was one that was drawn for the month of February. If you don’t know Kelly, stop by her blog and her store. Leave her a comment and maybe even purchase some goodies from her :) You won’t be disappointed!

Now I am off to try and figure out what I am going to buy!

If your reading this Kelly, THANKS!!!


March 3, 2010

Name that Quilt Winners

Thanks for all the name suggestions. It was hard to decide because there were some really great suggestions. There were 3 that I struggles with, but in the end I chose Spring Squared. When I heard that name I knew that it fit :) So the 1st mini quilt goes to…

Susan said...

This is my first time to visit your blog, and I love your quilt! My suggestion is Outside the Box. I'm not great at naming things, though, and I thought the little boy's suggestion of Spring Squared was cute! ;)


The winner of the second mini quilt is….


Em said...

Windows of my heart! CELEBRATing your spring pretties. Can't wait to see what name you fall in love with. What a fun idea!!!!

The second quilt hasn’t been pictured yet. It is a pinwheel. I still need to get the binding on both mini’s.

Please send me your information so I can get the mini’s in the mail :)


March 1, 2010

CGQC-March Goals

It is time to set my march goals for the Charming Girls and Guys Quilt Club.