August 30, 2011

A Lot Happening In My World!

I haven’t posted in what seems like forever! Really the main reason for that is I haven’t been quilting. Yes, I have made Bee Blocks since the new round started, but other than that nada!

There has been so much happening in my world that really there hasn’t been much time (or motivation or space) for quilting. BUT I am hoping to find my motivation and get back to it real soon…

Over the past year so much has happened. I fell in love with an old high school friend. We decided to meet up one day for a football game and have been inseparable every since. We knew it was going to be serious petty much from the get go.

Rene&Scott - 107

I live in a suburb south of Houston and he was living in Houston. We were making the hour drive everyday which got old pretty quick! BUT it was worth it Smile


In March, he asked me to marry him and I said YES!

The boys were thrilled!

Rene&Scott - 039


We found a house here were I lived and moved in the last week of June. We were married on Galveston Beach July 9th where we had our first kiss. It was a BEAUTIFUL, PERFECT day filled with lots of LOVE, FAMILY, and FRIENDS!

Thornton Wedding - 158

 Thornton Wedding - 213

Thornton Wedding - 166

Thornton Wedding - 198

Thornton Wedding - 039Thornton Wedding - 036

Thornton Wedding - 164Thornton Wedding - 172Thornton Wedding - 238Thornton Wedding - 252


That same wonderful week, we got some really great news…We are expecting a baby March 12th, 2012!


We couldn’t be more excited!

We are both 38 and wanted to try and have 2 before we were way too old, but that just isn’t going to happen! I have been so sick this time around that I literally wasn’t able to get out of bed for over 6 weeks except to throw up. I have been on nausea medication that has helped some. In the past few weeks things have gotten better, but to his disappointment, my baby making days will be coming to an end in March Smile

Now that things are settling down I hope to get some quilting done. I have so many WIPs that I would like to get finished before baby Thornton arrives. Hopefully now that I have my quilt frame up the quilting will go pretty fast…we shall see!


(All photos except the sonogram pic were taken by my wonderful photographer @ The Sweet Light Photography Studio in League City TX)