April 26, 2010

Google Reader Users

I use Google Reader to read all my subscriptions and Blogs I follow. I HATE logging into Reader so one day I was looking around for an easier way and found out how to add a SUBSCRIPTION button and NEXT button to my browsers shortcut bar (I use Firefox but have used this in Chrome and IE too). It makes reading all the blogs you follow so much easier. It also makes it easier to subscribe to a blog.

To do this you need to log into Reader. Up at the top left you will see something like this…

reneboyd@luv2kreate.com | Settings | Help | Sign out

Choose “SETTINGS” This will give you a drop down menu. You want to choose “READER SETTINGS”. Which will bring up a page with the following tabs…

Preferences  Subscriptions  Folders and Tags  Goodies  Import/Export  Send To

You want to choose “GOODIES”

Read the info and it will tell you EXACTLY what to do.

If you decide to use this let me know how you like it! I couldn’t live with out these shortcuts now!



gale said...

I love this feature of google reader. I have 3 buttons for various types of blogs I visit, so I can just look at the ones I'm in the mood for at any particular time.

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