April 27, 2010

Going in Circles

I am making good progress on my Frolic Quilt. I have half of the top completely finished. I am going to be working on the other half here in a minute. It is really turning out CUTE.

My 1st circle…not badDSC_0006


My 1st flower…could use some improvement.



2nd flower…much better!



Love the dots!


1/2 finished!


This was my first time machine appliquéing. I almost let that fact keep me from making this quilt. I am so HAPPY that I didn’t! Appliqué isn’t that hard if you just slow down and watch what you are doing :)

I need to order my backing fabric this evening. Hopefully I will have this quilt completed in time to add to my April finishes.



Moneik said...

The quilt looks awesome! I just love the frolic line!Do you use a stabalizer when you applique? It helps tremendously! I use Totally Stable which irons on and tears off easily. It keeps everything where it's supposed to be and helps form the stitches better.

CJ said...

Looking GOOD! I wondered if the applique was done as you quilted it but I see not. Why not get some backing locally and be done soon?

Crystal Hendrix said...

It looks awesome! I want to make that quilt eventually! :D

Linda in Calif. said...

Love the dots, love the quilt. I just recently learned to machine applique also. Yours is coming along very nicely. You are right just slowing down helps a lot.


You are just a goin on that quilt and it is l
ooking sooo cute--I may just have to make me one!! I love the picture of Kody---I want a Kody dog like that!!!
Have fun---give the pup a hug for me---
Hugs, Di

joan said...

Very Very lovely! You are doing well.

AllieKatMom said...

I love it Rene :)

Natalia from Piece N Quilt said...

I think you're doing a great job on your applique! :)

Kim said...

Beautiful job on your quilt and I love the appliques you did.

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