April 28, 2010

Back when I knew it ALL

Up until recently (VERY RECENTLY) my youngest son Parker (he is 12 now, will be 13 in June) would end just about every sentence he said with “Right Mom”. I have noticed here lately that he hasn’t been doing that, so last night I asked him why he doesn’t say it any more…Want to know what he said???
PARKER: “I used to think you knew EVERYTHING, now I realized you DON’T know as much as I thought you did”
ME: “Your right Parker, I don’t know everything and I am glad that you are becoming your own person. You have grown up so much”
ME: (On the inside) THANKS…WHAAAAAAAAA!!!!
I miss my baby and being the center of his world :(
Parker when he was 6
play day 9-28-03 011 (2)1
Parker now


CJ said...

Been there, heard that. Pretty soon he will be getting ready to go off to college. Buckle yer seatbelt, it goes fast!

Crystal Hendrix said...

ahh can't they stay small forever???


don't you just wish you could keep them under lock and key and at a certain age forever????
Oh well--live goes on--and for you--you have all those wonderful quilt projects to keep you busy--looking good--did you have to mention food--now I am hungry and it's 10:30 pm--It's too late!!!!
hugs, Di

amy and the bad cats said...

awwww. cute pics, too.

Terry said...

I know the feeling Rene! Brian is 14 now and I know nothing! Emily is 12 and she still thinks I know a few things but not much! LOL They sure do grow up too fast! :0/

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