April 25, 2010

Couldn’t Help Myself…

I feel like I accomplished a lot this month so I planned on taking a little break before starting another project, BUT I couldn’t help myself. I got my sewing area all cleaned up from my other project and set the Frolic Bloom Quilt supplies out so they would be ready when I decided to start it…They just looked so exciting and fun so I decided to go a head and get started. I am going to try and not be in a BIG hurry to get it finished (yea right).
I have the Layer Cake pieces all cut in half and ready for the next step.
I really love all the bight happy colors in this line. The piece on top might be my favorite…but there isn’t one piece in this collection that I don’t LOVE! I can’t wait to cuddle up under this fun quilt! Hopefully my appliqué will turn out OK. That is my only worry :(
Thanks Natalia for such a wonderful tutorial. You are such an inspiration!

Pieces cut…DSC_1040
We have a layout…DSC_1041
Mental Note: I really have to find something to do with the scrap triangles…DSC_1040
Any ideas???


Donna said...

Just save them, and when you least expect it...you will need them. I really like the pattern you have chosen.

annieb said...

You are just amazing! You are so good at taking a project from start to finish, and getting a new one under way right away. As for the triangles, place the top piece of one pile on the bottom and then sew opposite sides of the piles together for a wonky HST, then square them up. Then make a table topper out of them...

Mam said...

The scraps would look great in a spider web block. Love the quilt.


OH I LOVE it ---what a pretty yet it looks uncomplicated quilt--just my style---and I love the colors--way to go--now if we can get Di out of the closets and back in the sewing room--she might finish 'Verna'?????
Hugs, Di

CJ said...

WOW! Look at you go! You are the fastest! This is really cute. Good job!

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