October 1, 2009

Closed on the house!!!

Great news, we finally closed on the house yesterday…what a pain in the rear this move has been. I had a slight emotional breakdown Sunday, and my hubby thought I had lot my mind. I feel silly now, but man almost 2 months of this has been insane. I was relieved when we made arrangements to rent the house until closing (I was about to pull out my hair living in the RV, which we are selling now, btw!), but living in a house that is completely empty for 2 weeks has been pretty trying too. I am just so relieved that it is finally going to come to an end. We had the house measured for carpet yesterday afternoon and they will be laying it Saturday or Monday, then Bring on the boxes!!!!

One of the other challenges for me in this move has been the loneliness. Scott gets up and goes to work and the kids go to school and I am here alone, and they don’t “get it”…don’t get me wrong, I love being home. I believe that I am blessed with the greatest job there is, but when you move to a new city and you’re home alone all day, there really are not too many ways to meet people. I feel socially retarded. I don’t even have the first clue as to how to go about making friends here…and then to top it off I don’t have my usual places I like to go…so, I think here in a little while I am going to get in the car and plug a few addresses into the GPS and try to find a few quilt stores. If anyone lives in the Houston area and knows of any great little quilt shops/groups/classes I would love to know about them! I live in League City and haven’t gotten brave enough to drive into the City alone yet, so I really would like to find some close to home :)


~Laurie~ said...

I completely understand what you mean about being alone. I, too am blessed to be a SAHM, but sometimes it IS lonely. I'll be in the same boat as you next fall - I'll have to write to you to get some advice - you'll be all settled by then! Maybe a road trip will be in line!! LOL! BTW, thank you for your button and your contribution to the "Terry" quilt. This is going to be fun!

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