January 31, 2010

CGQC-January Finishes

I don’t feel like I accomplished too much this month. I did complete 2 quilt tops, but neither one of them are quilted yet. I was able to get my Bee & Round Robin blocks done, but I haven’t sent out my fabric for the bee yet. I will be doing that tomorrow or Tuesday. Here are pics of what I have done for January.

Top made…not quilted


Top made…not quilted. I am thinking about taking this one apart. I don’t care for the way it is laid out.


Donna’s block finished and mailed


My sample Bee block made. (all the fabric is ready to mail to the ladies…not pic)


My Round Robin block made and mailed.



Cindy said...

YES - you did get quite a few finished. To me, even when a block is made, it's something accomplished, Rene. Your Valentine Quilt is BIG - are you keeping this one for yourself?

CJ said...

You got LOTS done this month!

annieb said...

I think you got lots done. As much as we'd like to quilt 24/7 we just can't as the real world seems to have it way of interfering...

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Love both of your tops - and the blocks are cute too! Way to sew -- I think you got a lot done!

joan said...

I guess you did well! Everything is lovely. Now on to February!

Pat said...

Rene, Quilt the top, and go on to the next project.It will be even prettier when it is quilted. I just quilt it and go on. It really does look nice, and you did a lot of work on it.I don't think any of us are always satisfied with every top or quilt we make. We always learn something from each quilt we make. I know I do, and I've been quilting for a lot of years. The learning never ends with me anyway(nothing perfect-margin for errors) How would you feel if when you finished handquilting a quilt, wash it, then have colors run thru it so bad it's a mess? Of course, then, not learn from that experience but do it again. So that taught me to pre-wash, so that'd never happen to me again
It never stops. The point is, when do we say enough is enough, lift our head up high and go on to the next project? Let's do it now Rene. Your blocks speak for themselves. Just look at the work in them and how nice they turned out. We all have the good, bad, and then the ugly. That's me! LOL Let's enjoy our quilting, kiddo. Happy Quilting!

Pat said...

Rene! LOL It's hard for me to stop laughing, but when you see the squirrel quilt I made with an attitude, you'll see why I move on. He's just got an attitude because he has too many wrinkles. LOL I put that on especially for you! Your quilt is lovely, Rene. There are more quilts you have in your mind to do yet. Happy Quilting!

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