October 2, 2009

New sewing machine??

I am convinced that I need a new sewing machine. I have a simple singer 7436 ingenuity. I would LOVE LOVE LOVE to have the Bernina 820. If you have one I would love to know what you think about it and about how much you paid for it. I am not quite ready to see a dealer (for one I haven’t quite convinced hubby that I need one, although I am warming him up to the idea of a new machine). I know the 820 is going to be a stretch for him as far as prices go (not because we can’t afford it, but because it isn’t HIS hobby! LOL). I am also interested in information about any other machine that you may have that you absolutely love and would suggest to a friend. I looked at the Pfaff Quilt Expression 4 today at a local quilt shop, but it doesn’t seem as wonderful as the Bernina. I want to buy a machine and be happy with it for a long long time. I would hate to buy an upscale machine and then in a few years wish I had something better…

From what I see about the Bernina 820 that I really like is the 12 x 5 arm for quilting. I thought I might want a Bailey long arm machine to just do my machine quilting on and still piece my tops with the singer, but after looking at all these wonderful machines I really want a new sewing/quilting machine, not one with just a straight stitch.


Barbara Sindlinger said...

I don't have the Bernina 820 but my friend does. I think she likes it. Bernina's aren't cheap and the 820 I think is somewhere between 8 to 12 thousand. I'm afraid to look. I know the 830 was 12 when they first came out - don't know what they are now. I personally own 2 Berninas. A 150 and a 640. Neither have a wide throat but I quilt Queen (and one King) just fine but with some pain. I think for that kind of money, I will wait until I can buy a mid or long arm. Just my opinion. I would recommend that you try out all brands of machines. Most places will let you sew on the machines and show you all the plusses and minuses of their product. Good luck.

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