October 6, 2008

My Home Maintenance Control Journal

I love to be organized. I love the way it looks. I love the way it feels. Our home runs so much better with some organization. I use a Home Management Binder to keep our house running. I have a friend that is naturally organized and she thinks I am being to legalistic having a binder with all these lists. I for one am not naturally organized. I have to write everything to down if I am going to remember, and I have to have it all together or I will lose it and then what is the point? Anyway I Love my binder!

I have a spot in my kitchen that I call Command Central. This is where I keep my binder and all the things I need to stay organized.

The first section of my Binder is the Calendar Section. Here I have my Master Birthday Calendar, the kids School Calendar, the kids Sports Calendar, and the Monthly Calendars. The Monthly Calendars are divided by Jan-Dec tabs. Behind each monthly calendar I have a checklist of things to do for that month. I have a printout from HomemakingOrganized.com I also have list with the birthdays for that particular month.

The next section tab is for my Routines. I have a print out of Proverbs 31 in the front of that section to remind me to be the best wife and mother I can be. I also have a printout of my block schedule.

After the block schedule I have 5 different styled tabs for my weekly routines. I have one for Mon-Fri. On each days schedule I have my daily routine in the left hand column. Then at the top of the page I have my Daily Routine. Under that I have a section for appointments. Under appointments I have a section for notes.


Daily Zone Chore http://www.flylady.net/
Water & Prune Plants
Spend 15 Minutes in the Current Zone.
Start Weekly Home Blessing

Daily Zone Chores http://ww.flylady.com/
Weekly Home Blessing

  1. Dust
  2. Sweep/Mop/Vacuum
  3. Clean Bathrooms--All Surfaces
  4. Clean Windows & Mirrors
  5. Clean Door Knobs
  6. Purge Magazines/Junk Mail
  7. Empty ALL trashes
  8. Flip & Rotate Cushions

Laundry--Kids Whites
Daily Zone Chores http://www.flylady.com/
Weekly Zone Cleaning
Clean Fridge
Start Menus & Shopping List

Laundry--Kids Darks
Daily Zone Chores http://www.flylady.com/
Finish up Weekly Zone Cleaning
Run Errands

Daily Zone Chores http://www.flylady.com/
File Papers
Clean Purse
Clean Car
Computer Maintenance
Clean Laundry Room


Make Beds
Shower & Get Ready for the Day
Swish Toilets/Clean Bathroom
Feed Dog
Empty Dishwasher
Take Kids to School
Start Laundry
Check Calendar
Make ToDo List
Thaw Dinner
Balance Checkbook
Hit the Hot Spots
Prayer Time
Computer Time
Check Daily Chore List
Reboot Laundry
Computer/Free Time
After School
Sign Folders/Read notes
Reboot Laundry
Late Afternoon
Reboot Laundry
Clean Kitchen
Early Evening
Get Kids Ready for bed
Brush Teeth
Lay Out Clothes
Book bags
Quiet Time with hubby
Before Bed
Straighten Up the House
Start Dishwasher
Check Calendar & ToDo List
Lay Out Clothes
Get Ready For Bed
Hot Bath
Take Vitamins
Snuggle in for the night by 10:30

After my Routines, comes the Menu Section tab. I have a Weekly Menu, family chosen recipes for the week that I created my menu from, recipes, shopping list, pantry inventory, and freezer inventory.

The next session tab is for my Zones. I have my house split up into to 5 zones. I have mine set up like FlyLady that way I can follow her cleaning schedule. She send out daily chores. I have a page for each zone with the list of chores that need to be done in that zone.

The next session tab is the Emergency section.In this section I have a page that lists our phone number, address, location, house description, and emergency meeting place. I have a page for emergency numbers, and also safety clippings I have come across.

After that I have a Faith section. Here I keep notes, prayers, scriptures, and Christian clippings i want to have handy.

Next I have a Health section. I have a food journal, strength training log, and health related clippings.

After that I have a Kids section. In this section I keep everything relating to the kids. School notes, teachers names and email addresses, handy charts, ideas, etc.

Following the kids tab I have a wish list. Here I list anything I would like to have. You name it...it is there.

Following this is a Notes section. I have different house cleaning notes and tips, or anything that I need to remember.

Last I have a Address book section.

My binder has pockets in the front and back. In these pockets I keep coupons and takeout menus I want to keep and use.

I have most of my pages in page protectors that way I can write on them with a dry erase marker. This saves on printer paper and ink :)
I create my pages in MS Word. If anyone would like my printouts feel free to ask I would be happy to share. i know there are a lot of places that have free printouts, but i am picky and none of them ever suited me. It took me lots of doing and redoing to get it just the way I wanted.

I hope you have enjoyed exploring my Household Binder.


Beth (A Mom's Life) said...

Wow!!!!!!! You are so organized!

It is making my head spin just reading about it. :) I'm glad you've found a system that works for you!

Barbara said...

I know this is an old post but I just found your site and so far I like what I see. If you still have the files for your control journal and are willing to share I would love to have them. I think they are almost exactly what I've been searching for to use in mine. Thanks.

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