October 10, 2008

Marriage Notes

Give him PRAISES

P--Pray for him
R--Respect him
A--Adore him
I--Initiate untamate friendship with him
S--Safe guard your marriage
E--Encourage him
S--Sexually fulfill him

Give him your BEST

B--Bless him
E--Edify him
S--Share with him
T--Touch him

Be a great WIFE

W--Warm up his life with your love
I--Improve his life as a helper
F--Follow his leadership with a willing heart
E--Esteem him highly with utmost respect.

(Note: These are notes from books I have read.)


My Walk With God said...

Wow, so inspiring!!

Can I copy ? I'd like to have a note of this as well.

So nice. thank you for sharing this.

Luv 2 Kreate said...

You are welcome to copy it :)

Blessed With 4 said...

I love this!! I have never seen this before. I copied it to put on my blog tomorrow. I linked back to you :)
Have a blessed day.

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