October 10, 2008

All Alone

My DH went out of town for the weekend. He left yesterday at noon. I was suppose to go with him, but our sitter fell through. I sure miss him when he is gone :( I also worry about him. He drag races, and this weekend is the bracket finals. I hope he wins big, but at the same time, the sooner he is out, the sooner he gets to come home. Isn't that awful of me to think? Either way I wish I were there and I can't wait till he gets home!

As if it isn't unsettling enough when my husband is out of town, my dog layed at my feet and growled until 3 am! I know the pup was missing him too, so I tired not to get scared, but when your dog is growling and your alone it is pretty nerve racking and makes it hard to sleep. I feel like a zombie this morning. I this is going to be one of those days that Mom gets a nap. Maybe I can convince the kids to help me out around the house when they get home. It is an early release day for them.


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