October 7, 2012

I Bee In LOVE!

I finally got my VIBee and Quilting Divas Bee quilt top finished. This top have been about 3 years in the making, WOW typing that out makes me realize how long 3 years is! A lot has happened in those 3 years too. This quilt will always be a favorite of mine. Not only is it going to be GORGEOUS, it will remind me of the 3 years that passed during it’s making.
It has seen me through a divorce, a new marriage, a child leaving the nest, and another being born. The quilt is far from perfect. So many quilters created blocks for this quilt which means many different machines. None of the blocks were exactly the same size so I had to improvise. I think this just comes with the territory when doing a Bee quilt. I actually don’t mind this. It is a good reminder that life is not perfect and it shouldn’t be. Sometime it seems like what you are doing is going to be difficult (like matching up so many different blocks or getting through a divorce) but we do the best we can do and improvise. It makes us better people. It make us flexible, It gives us character, it makes us human. And when you get past it you realize it wasn’t that bad after all and it actually turns out the way it is suppose to!
This quilt also helped me step outside my box. I always use fabrics from one line. I never mix lines or designers, EVER! This quilt was different. I wanted it to be a ton of different fabrics in aqua, green, and a few yellows. A friend helped me pic out some of the fabrics (she helped get me started anyway). I sent the fabric to the VIBee girls (having the option to throw in something from their own stash), and the Diva girls used fabrics they had on hand. For the back, a few friends (some from the VIBee) helped me pick the fabric. It is one that is no where else in the quilt (another 1st for me).
So here it is, a very special quilt top.
I made several blocks to add to the quilt because I wanted it to be larger. I also made the borders using foundation piecing (loved that).
And here is what will be used for the back.
I can not wait to have this quilted!


CJ said...

Great quilt!

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Well done.keep it up..

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