January 3, 2012

Blame it on the Nesting!

I was able to get another WIP almost finished yesterday. I have been working on the Pinwheel Sampler I think since the summer of 2010! WOW that seems like forever… Yesterday I pulled it out. Made the last 2 blocks (the one with the most cutting). Cut all the sashing and got it all pieced together.

DSC_0342 (2)

I would be quilting it instead of writing this post, but I need to find a backing for it. Thinking I may go to Target and look for a matching sheet to use as the backing for this one. I thought about white (because I have TONS, but I also see this one getting A LOT OF LOVE so decided against white. I don’t have the patience to get online and look for the perfect matching fabric (if any even exists at this point after waiting so long). So a sheet seems like a nice, inexpensive, quick alternative. I will be putting this one on my Bernina Quilt Frame to quilt. It will be the first one . I am nervous, but excited to play with my new toy (that has also been waiting to be used since the summer of 2010) LOL!

I only have this and my other quilt along quilt to back and quilt then all my WIPS will be FINISHED!! WhooHoo Smile

I have so many projects I want to make and can’t wait to feel like I have the freedom to do so without all the unfinished ones hanging over my head…from now on I am going to try and only do 1-2 at time…



Ann said...

It looks lovely!!
I do not think you are very late finishing this quilt, what is 1½ year between quilters?? Nothing, really ;) I look forward to seeing it all finished!

CJ said...

Looks great!

Bobbi said...

WOOHOO! congrats! now im feeling guilty that mine got shoved in a drawer back in 2010 too. your giving me hope!

a sheet would be perfect.

Terry said...

That's beautiful! Congratulations on getting the top done. And I agree...a sheet works great as a quilt backing. I've done that two or three times recently! :0)

Mamen said...

Congratulations on your gift, is gorgeous, is a pretty girl and loved and will have good luck in your life.
kisses from Spain for the two

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