September 6, 2011

“The Baby Made Me Do It”

“The Baby Made Me Do It” is slowly becoming my catch phrase! I swear that being pregnant turns my brain to absolute mush and makes me do some CRAZY things!

Here is my latest disaster…


Last night my sweet hubby made my favorite dinner which is grilled chicken and salad with all my favorite veggies. I was so excited because I am a veggie girl and haven’t been able to tolerate veggies of any kind for the past few months. Anytime we cook chicken at my house the whole kitchen gets bleached and I also wash my kitchen sponges and dish scrubbers. We have a few scrubbers that hold liquid dish soap. I ALWAYS wash these (of course I remove the liquid soap first). Well last night my youngest son walks into the kitchen after dinner and said “What happened to the dishwasher? I think it threw up all over the floor.” Hubby and I run into the kitchen to find the above. We stood there for a few minutes trying to figure out what the heck happened, when suddenly I remember that we had chicken so I washed the scrubbers. My preggo brain just forgot to remove the liquid soap from them first! We all had a good laugh about how the baby is slowly sucking away at my brain cells…

On the bright side, I didn’t have to mop the floor today!



Ann said...

Oh yeah... I remember those strange things that happens when you have a preggo-brain :)
I am glad that it did not develop into a floor-catastophe :)

CJ said...

ugh....that wouldn't work too well on my wood floors. I hate messes like that. At least you have the baby brain to blame it on. :)

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