July 5, 2010

My Day

I had a fun day shopping with my friend Amy R from allikatmom.com ! We went to the outlet mall close to her house. I got to see where she lives. She has been to my house a few times already so it was about time I made the drive to hers. Looking forward to getting together with her again.

On my way back from Amy’s I picked the boys up from the airport. We got home and I did a load of laundry so I could pack my bag for my trip to Austin.

I managed to get both of the BFF quilts finished. Her quilt has been labeled and wrapped. I can’t wait to give it to her. I wasn’t really in love with it until I pulled it out of the washer…It is PERFECT for her. My hubby likes it too and is happy I am switching mine with the NEPTUNE that I have on the bed. He just doesn’t care for NEPTUNE (strange man) but I love him anyway :)



Kelly said...

I'm so jealous you and Amy get to hang out! My hubby now wants to move to the DFW area when he gets out of the military (two more years), so I'm hoping some flickr friend fabric shopping trips are in my future!

CJ said...

Did you take pictures of it when it came out of the dryer??? Have fun in Austin!

Tracey Jacobsen said...

so jealous.

And so fun! :)

When do we get to see the finished quilt???

KarrieLyne said...

You are one lucky girl to live close to Amy! I'd love to get together with the both of you!!

AllieKatMom said...

LOL my hubby didnt really care for Neptune either. I showed him my Blush and he liked that one more and I asked him if he wanted our bed quilt made out of that and he said "I dont like it that much" lol
Have a good trip, cant wait to see you when you get back :)

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