June 6, 2010


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I have been watching the Doll Quilt Swap Group on Flickr for some time now. There are so many beautiful creations. I have been wanting to join, but was a little afraid to try. I filled out the form at the very last minute and got an email yesterday letting me know that I am in!!! Whoo Hoo I am so excited. Now I just need to figure out how to make a Flickr mosaic of inspirations. Anyone know how to do that??



calicodaisy said...

Hey! You're blogging late tonight, and I'm working late tonight! To create a mosaic, just go here: http://bighugelabs.com/mosaic.php. You just decide how many rows and columns who want and then upload the photos into the provided areas. You can save the whole thing to your flickr or to your hard drive. Also, there are options to grab the description which has the http code listing the locations of all the photos. -- michele

Crystal Hendrix said...

I am in too!! YEAH!!!

lucyellen said...

check the threads on the doll quilt swap group :) and it explains there how to make a mosaic. They are soooo helpful when your partner is trying to decide what might make you happy!

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