May 24, 2010

There’s a New Ruler in Town

I have been wanting to buy a new ruler for a while now. I have the EZ Jelly Roll Ruler that I LOVE, but it doesn’t work for everything. For one it doesn’t have the 1/8'” marks. I have several other rulers that I bought when I first decided to quilt, and really didn’t know the differences between different brands and such.

Yesterday while cutting my LC for my Pinwheel project I made 2 cutting mistakes on one fabric and made another mistake on a different fabric (not good when you only have 10” to work with…Luckily I had the same fabric in a 5” square to fall back on…Anyway, that was my BREAKING POINT! I just can’t see the markings on my old rulers. I am sure they are perfectly good rulers, but for me the ORANGE markings just DO NOT cut it!


Today I marched myself to Joann’s and bout myself the SIMPLI-EZ Ruler 6.5 x 12.5 I LOVE this thing. The marks are black and red (non of that orange crap I can’t see) and to top it off it actually has the marking written out for you :) NOW that is SMART!!! It is also a Lefty/Righty so you can turn it and flip it and still see what you are doing :)

I am going to be replacing ALL my rulers with the Simpli-EZ rulers and soon :)



CJ said...

Having the right tool makes things go more smoothly. We like that!


I just in the last year changed out all my rulers for the creative grid ones---now they come out with even better ones by the looks--oh well--gotta keep using what I have for now!@@@
have fun cutting
Hugs, Di

Cindy said...

I won an OLFA frosted ruler, same size as this one you're showing, Rene, and it's the BEST ruler I've ever used.....EVER.

amy and the bad cats said...

i know what you mean! i have some rulers i just hate to use because it's so hard for me to read the markings properly!

GroverFamily said...

Just stopping by from the BINGO game! I just started learing how to sew...looking forward to reading more of your blog:)

Sabine said...

Good luck with your new ruler. I bought a new one too last week, but a large square one from olfa. It's frosted. Might need o get used to this one too :-)

Maria said...

The new ruler looks great.

Enjoyed reading your blog. Love your new look backyard with the lovely furniture.

Popped over from bingo.

Robin (RsIslandCrafts) said...

I have a ruler that has black lines on one side and yellow on the other. I love it!

CaliQuilter said...

I like my rulers that have the black lines, too. Much easier to see on the fabric. Congrat, Rene, for being chosen by the Bingo blogsite! Have a great day. ~ Joan

Pat said...

Rene, That is a really nice ruler. I think you will use that a lot. The markings are surely clear.
I've been going to buy me a mat someday. I'am so use to my old mat. I got it when the mats and rotary cutters first came out. Some of these little "goodies" are sometimes hard to part with.
I think you may a good buy, my dear friend.
Happy Quilting!

Paula Lynn said...

Congrats on being a winner yesterday from a fellow "winner".

Susan said...

I came to say an Aussie hello, from SPRING FEVER!!

I enjoyed reading through your blog. I loved the organization you've done to keep track of your projects. Well done, I'm sure you'll achieve much more.


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