February 19, 2010

Friday Night Sew IN


I will be joining Heidi and the other quilters for the Friday Night Sew In tonight. If you would like to join us, visit Heidi’s blog to sign up.

Tonight I will be finishing up my NEPTUNE Scruffy Quilt. I have the binding sewn to the front, and will be hand sewing it to the back to finish it. If I have any time left after that I will be getting my quilt fabric ready for the CGQC Spring Party coming up on February 27th. There will be a lot of prep work for the quilt I will be doing so I would like to get that out of the way, but 1st I have to make a little side trip to Joann’s Fabric store to get some thread, batting, and fusible web :)

Here is a picture of my NEPTUNE quilt as is…hopefully tomorrow morning there will be a picture of fresh out of the wash an dryer :)


I just have to say again how happy I am that I took this quilt apart and redid it. I AM SO LOVEING IT NOW! I know I say this about every quilt I finish, but this IS my FAVORITE one!



Michelle said...


Suburban Stitcher said...

It looks great! Bring it tomorrow and show it off :)

Cindy said...

And I like the backing you chose too! Looks good, Rene.

Mam said...

It was well worth the effort, a beautiful quilt.

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