January 28, 2010

If it's not one thing, it’s another!

Ok, the Valentine Quilt Top is ALMOST finished. I have 4 more strips to add before it is done. Just one thing, I was ironing the seams on the last strip I sewed on and there was red wax from a candle I had sat on the ironing board this morning. I guess a small piece came loose. Guess where it ended up??? Ironed onto one of the WHITE squares of my quilt!

Please, does anyone know how to get red wax out of white fabric??? Of course it had to be the white square and not a RED one!!!


see just half a square up and it wouldn’t have been noticeable :(


CJ said...


AllieKatMom said...

Hey Rene, its Amy, I was just checking out your blog today (love the quilt so cute!) I dont know if this will work or not but I have had a candle wax problem on other things and I think if you take a paper bag and put it over the fabric and iron until the candle wax is gone, then you have to wash the spot with a little soap and water. If you still have a red spot I would use a Tide pen or something like that to get rid of the spot. Good luck !!

Michelle said...

I wish I knew how to get that wax out...sorry.

Pat said...

Your quilt top is just beautiful with all of those delicious fabrics. You've done such a nice job. I've had that happen to me also. The only difference is, I didn't press the wax into the fabric. In my situation, the wax just dripped unto the fabric. I just put the item into the freezer for a few minutes and the ice peeled off. In your case you pressed it into the fabric from what I understand. I would put it in a little bit of cold water first to see if the stain would come out; if not, I would put a little bleach on a cloth and rub it gently over the spot, then wash the area with a little soap. If none of that works, you could either take out that little piece and replace it with another. That's what I would do (that would be a little relaxing time with a seam ripper-those are handy for me lots of times LOL).You could also sew a pretty little heart to cover that little spot. Just zig zag a little heart over that little spot (I think that would be cute also). Good luck with it, and I sure think that is really pretty using a variety of red fabrics! Good luck!

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