December 31, 2009

1 Year, 12 Quilts—January Block

Here is Donna’s block. This was my 1st time to paper piece…in fact it was my first time to so anything beside sewing squares or strips together! I am surprised that it even resembles what it is suppose to be. Although I am not really pleased with the block itself. I wasn’t sure how to do the seams and they are messy, and 1 of the points don’t match up. I thought about ripping it all out and try again, but was afraid that it wouldn’t go back together and I didn’t have enough fabric to start over from scratch.I sure hope she isn’t disappointed with it.



CJ said...

Well I think it is pretty darn cool and there is NO way that would be on my list for 2010.

Pat said...

I really like the fabrics, and the block is really nice. That block shows movement. Nice job at paper piecing. Block looks great.

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