November 24, 2009

Help needed…PLEASE!

I am making 2 quilts with the Neptune line for my 2 youngest boys (13 & 12). I had a couple charm packs and a jelly roll. I didn’t want to buy any more fabric (actually I have been put on a fabric buying ban for the rest of the month) so I used the charm packs to make the center of 1 quilt, and I am using part of the jelly roll to make the center of the other quilt. I have 2 full size black sheets and 2 full sized apple green sheets that no longer fit on the beds we have. This green matches the lightest green in the fabric line. I don’t care for the way the green looks on the front, but thought maybe for the back. I plan on adding a 10-inch border around the center of the quilt to make decent sized lap quilts for them to watch TV with and travel in the car with (we are BIG blanket people).

Why do I need help you ask? Well, I can’t decide what to do. Do I do the black border with a green back? If so what binding… black? (want to use the sheets don’t like the green for the binding)… Do I do a black border and a black back? If so what binding (I don’t care for the look of the green as the binding, remember). Is it ok to do black border, black back, and black binding?? HELP…I don’t know what to do.

Here are a few pics I took…maybe it will help you help me :)

DSC_0398  DSC_0397

In the pic it is hard to see that the black does match…the squares look more navy in the pic.

Maybe I should wait until December and order one of the matching black fabrics for the border and then do the black sheet for the back and binding…hmmmm


Pat said...

Hi Rene,

When I saw your quilt I got excited. Oh, such great ideas you have! I will be adding information on my blog in regards to borders that may be of interest to you.

My blog address is

Hope I can help you out. Pat

Terry said...

The black really makes the colored squares stand out! I say there's nothing wrong with using black for the border, backing and binding. It's all how you want it to look!

Pat said...

I think the black border is best, because it makes your top recede(in a background), like a photo in a frame. I usually use darker borders.You could make a 1st 2" border in black and go around the top. Then put leftover scraps together and run them around(either squares or like piano keys). Then, add a final border in black. You could also, bring some of the green fabric to the front, and mix that in. You could make the borders each different for the boys. I would use the green on the back for both of the quilts. Black binding would be fine. You could also cut up pieces of extra fabric, sew the pieces together, and use that for your binding to showcase your top. I also, do quilts using sheets, in the pillow case style method. When your top is completed, you could lay the quilt bottom(right side up), add the quilt top(right side down-wrong side up), lay your batting on top, and pin all around the outside(leave an opening to turn inside out). Then, turn inside out, and blindstitch the opening shut, or pin it with straight pins, and sew all around the edge. Then you can either tie it, or pin it together with 1" safety pins, and quilt it with your home sewing machine(Just run down the rows, and thenaround where the seam is between the quilt and the first border. And Wa-la. Quilt is finished. I can hardly wait to see them when you get them done, kiddo. Happy quilting friend. Going finish baking a pumpkin pie, relax with Muffin, and have a cup of tea. Happy Thanksgiving.

Pat said...

Hi Rene,
Sorry, forgot to tell you to sew it all around the quilt right after you pin it all around, Then turn it (after you sew all around it). Lot of ideas we have going in our heads all the time, huh? Never quits. Not enough time to do all of them. No matter what you do, just do your thing. Remember, it's your quilt. Gotta go bake that pie.

annieb said...

I like the black border, too- it makes the quilt top stand out more. I also agree with Pat on using scraps if you can in between two black borders to tie it all together.

Lisa @ Life with 4! said...

the black border looks great! I think that the green would be nice for the back.

thanks for stopping by my blog. It's always fun to "meet" new quilters and see their projects.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

I think they both look nice-so, I'm probably no help at all! BTW, I have heard of people using sheets for backing (and even flannel ones for batting). Haven't done it myself, but I don't see why it wouldn't work!

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