December 24, 2008

Christmas 1 Day Early

We are such the rule breakers....or so that is the joke at our house today. My husband and I are pretty straight and narrow. We are the "mean parents" that are conservative and don't let the kids do "everything every one else" is doing. So why are we the rule breakers today you ask? Well we decided to open presents last night! We have so much going on the next two days, we thought it would be fun to open our gifts early. And it was! The kids told us last night that we were fun...none of our friends get to open their presents early. They will have a few things to open from family members tomorrow. Now we can focus on Church and the birth of Jesus tonight. 

My hubby's kid (19 & 20) will come tonight and eat Christmas dinner with us, and we have my grandparents and my husband's parents coming for Christmas lunch tomorrow. I am looking forward to it. It will be my first official Christmas dinner at my house!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Christmas!

I do have to tell you about my Christmas gift. My hubby loves to keep me guessing and surprise me. We usually don't do gifts for each other (there really isn't anything we need), but this year the kids are getting at the age they really want to do things for people and they like to give, so we decided that we would do it this year. So of course I have had my hubby's gift bought and wrapped for ever...and he supposedly hadn't bought me one. So he was teasing me about it Sunday and all of the sudden he says I bet you there is a present for you in this house. So I tool that bed because I thought he was still teasing. So he comes out with a tiny box (one that can only be jewelry). So I only mentioned 2 things that I would like to have. One was a Nikon D60 camera (I specified I wanted this for Christmas, you have to be specific ya know) and diamond ear rings (for my b-day Jan 3rd). So I am thinking that I got some ear rings. Well let me tell you he pulled a good one on me. I opened up that little box last night and it was EMPTY! All I remember is saying WHAT???? Because you know I have been imaging those beautiful earrings in my mind for the past few days and they were not there. It didn't even register that there was a note pushed up in the top of the box that said go look in the "secrete hiding place" He had to point that out...LOL. I went to the "secrete hiding place" and there it beautiful new camera. That was the most fun I have ever have had getting a gift. My hubby really is good at surprises! My oldest son said "Mom I wish we would have gotten a picture of your face when you opened that box and it was empty!" LOL


Devita said...

i!! Merry Christmas!! have a joyous Christmas and happy holiday!!!

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