July 26, 2010

More productive???

In an attempt to be more productive and spend less time on the computer I moved the computer out of my main room. It is now in the office/guest room right across from my sewing/dinning room. I am hoping to get my house in good order and get more sewing done :)

I am also going to try and get the rest of the boxes unpacked from the move almost 1 year ago (hanging my head in shame). I think we are all just living in this house like it is a temporary stop on the way to the next place. We have moved so many times that we stopped really trying to make any place home. Don’t get me wrong, we have done a few things, but I have kept myself from putting to much into this house to keep from getting emotionally involved. Seems like every time I get a place the way I want it and feel comfortable and at home we end up moving. I realize I can’t live feeling this way. So my goal is to make this house more than a house and start making it a home!

I managed to get the computer hooked up and the BOSE speakers hooked up to it. Now I can listen to music and the Bible all over the house :)

I also got the shelves and books cleaned and decluttered along with my sewing room. When hubby gets home he is going to take me to the store to purchase a few more storage containers so I can get better organized and have some more storage. I have SO MUCH stuff!

Anyway, wish me luck in keeping with my goals. I am going to need it!



clare's craftroom said...

All the very best with your goals , I'm a terrible unpacker too !


Love the post--I have unpacked many times in the last 6 years and I have lived in the same place all those years---it seems I am always packing something up--then decide I have to unpack it and resort it and then pack it back up--and in the process I always end up "adding" new and more stuff to the box--so i do not know if I am getting ahead or behind?????lol
Hugs, Di

Terry said...

I think I'm just the opposite. I feel the need to unpack everything and get rid of the boxes as soon as I can. One house we were only in 8 months. The next was four years. Then we were in an apartment for four months before we moved here. We've been here 10 years and I don't ever plan on moving again. LOL

AllieKatMom said...

YAY! Up for a trip to Ikea next week?

Denise :) said...

Rene, don't feel bad! We still have boxes that were never unpacked from our move in 2003. And we've moved again! Your goal is to make your house cozy and homey is worthy; just keep your focus on it, and not all the boxes! :)

traceyjay said...

good luck lady and good work!

(I think I need to move the computer somewhere far, far away)... ;)

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