April 22, 2010


Sometimes in the blogging world you get lucky enough to find someone that you develop a friendship with. I still find it funny that I can consider myself a friend of someone I have never actually met! One such person for me is Crystal. I don’t remember how I first came across her blog, but I was instantly draw to it. He photos and stories about her 3 little boys often brought back memories of my own 3 boys. Like me she is the only “female” in a house full of “males”. Through her blog I have come to know Crystal as a kind, generous, faithful, amazing woman and a VERY dedicated mom.

Recently Crystal had a little Name My Quilt contest on her blog. The prize was a mini quilt she had made. I am the lucky winner of that quilt and it came in the mail today…I just LOVE IT! It is soft and beautiful.

Thank you Crystal!

Even the envelop it came in was sweetly decorated…


Inside was a sweet note from Crystal thanking me for helping her name her quilt. She also told me that this is the first quilt she’s made that has gone to someone OTHER than a family member. She also pointed out that it didn’t have a label, but what she doesn’t know is it doesn’t need one. This is the 1st quilt that I have received from a friend and every time I see it I will think of my new friend :)

DSC_1026  DSC_1022 DSC_1023 DSC_1024 DSC_1025

I have another online friend that informed me that I needed to start photographing my quilts in my backyard…So CJ I experimented with these photos just for you!!



CJ said...

SWEET mail you got today! Aren't bloggin' friends the best?? Nice quilt. I love that last photo. I see you have a fence back there too, might try attachin quilts to that to get a full hanging pic of them in natural light. GOOD JOB!

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