April 22, 2010

It’s a Safe Bet…

That I WILL NOT be putting on my swimsuit this weekend! Every now and then (thankfully not too often) I have a day where I just eat EVERYTHING in site…today would be one of those days.

So far I have finished off the rest of the Wheat Thins tomato and basil crackers, Drank 2 DP’s, Had 2 bowels of Captain Crunch cereal (yummy), One fudgesicle (or was it 2??), and 2 things of Easy Mac…AND it is ONLY 12:30! I can’t seem to shake the idea of making homemade chocolate chip cookies either…

Guess the swimsuit will just have to wait until next week :(





amy and the bad cats said...

easy mac is addictive! and i absolutely LOVE that flavor of wheat thins! i have way too many days like this, and i'm pretty sure i will not be getting into a swimsuit at all this summer!

CJ said...

But black is slimming...you'll be fine!!!!!!!!!

Uhhhhhhhh you are eating like a college student, a bunch of junk! What is with that???

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