February 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Hunter!

Can’t believe you are 14 today.


and yes, we put 14 candles on 1 cupcake :)


Almost as tall as Mom!

When he woke up this morning he asked me if he looked different, because he said he sure felt different. When I asked him how he felt he said “like a 14 year old” LOL


Crystal Hendrix said...

Happy Birthday Hunter!! Wow in two more years he wil be driving!

CJ said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! Okay, not to make fun of Hunter or anything but being as tall as mom??? Ummmm, from what I heard that isn't reaching such great heights. ;) :0 LOL!!
Love the pic of the two of you though and wow, 14 candles on ONE cupcake...FUN!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! They grow fast - don't they?

Pat said...

Happy Birthday Hunter! What a cake and with all of those candles.

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

A belated Happy Birthday to Hunter! What a cupcake LOL!!

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