January 2, 2010

Block 1 finished…

I have finished my 1st circle of geese block. I realized about half way into this that I didn’t count right, so the quilt will be a little smaller that I had planned. Because of that, I will have a few blocks left over. I will be framing this one and hanging it on my wall in my sewing room. There will be another one just like it and I will be making it into a mini quilt/wall hanging. This will be used as a give away for my 150th post. I just realized last night that I passed my 100th post without knowing.

Before sewing the 4 parts together and removing the paper…


After sewing the 4 parts together…Not squared yet :)


Now off to make some more blocks!


Donna said...

I think your blocks are beautiful. You already know I am a sucker for anything Neptune! I downloaded that same pattern a couple of months ago thinking to do a color wheel type thing, but didn't have the courage to try it. Now, after block #26 and my gnomes, I think I can do it : )
Please show us when the quilt top is all put together

Michelle said...

It looks great! Congrats on your 100th post!

Cindy said...

I'm really liking this block for some reason - it's so FUN.

Donna said...

I found some neptune honey buns for a great price. Here is the link in case youu are interested. http://www.deltapatchwork.com/store.php?cat=146

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