July 29, 2010

Lucky Me!

Seriously, I have had a stoke of luck this week. First I won 2 Dream On charm packs from Miss Print’s blogiversary giveaway.


Then I won a $25 gift certificate from Old Red Barn Co to the Fat Quarter Shop (2nd time I have won something from Dana).


Next, I got a heads up email about a Bernina quilt frame that was for sale at an unbelievable price…lets just say I am getting it for about 1/3 of what it originally costs! I get to pick it up next week (sick with excitement)!


Then this evening I was blogging and came across Linda’s post…she is purging some of her craft stuff. I commented on the Sew What Skirts book (I have been wanting) she emailed me and is sending it too me!


Yep, it has been a very lucky week :)

Funny, I am NEVER lucky. Makes me wonder if I am going to get struck by lightning or something…



Anonymous said...



Allie said...

Wow congratulations - what an amazing week!

Terry said...

Holy cow! When you win...you win big! Congratulations! :0)

Cindy said...

Nah, just go a lottery ticket and call it a winner.

CJ said...

whatcha gonna get at the FQS???? I am failing at getting email today, am not able to log in. Grrrrr. Bad enough I have to use this laptop w/o a mouse and a super slow and picky connection but then when I DO get a connection I can't log in. The site is trying to convince me it is my fault but me thinks it is THEM with the problem this morning. :(

amy and the bad cats said...

fantastic week for you!

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