May 1, 2010

May Goals-CGQC

It is that time again, the time to list my goals for the month.

Round Robin Blocks

1 Year, 12 Quilts Bee—(2) 8 point Stars

Sew 2 Speak Bee—Spider Web Block

Quilt and bind Frolic

Start Rachel’s Pinwheel Sampler Quilt in BLUSH

Tying the Knot Quilt Pattern in Hunky Dory


I think that is a pretty good list…



Dianne said...

I too think that's a pretty good list! Good luck!

annieb said...

That's a very good list-look forward to seeing the Blush pinwheels.


Nice list of goals for May--and it even looks like one is done already--whizz kid aren't you!!!
Hugs, Di

amy and the bad cats said...

good to see you already crossed off the spiderweb block!

CJ said...

You already crossed something off the list?? You are a speed demon I tell ya!
Good list though. I need to figure out mine - hopefully on Sunday.

Pat said...

I think you do great. I enjoy seeing your work; it's lovely. I make out schedules for daily things I have to get finished, and cross out as I go. That's what it reminds me of about what you do for your monthly accomplishments. Great, Rene. Happy Quilting!

sunny said...

Don't you just love making a list and crossing things off? I thought I might have a finish today, too, but I can't quite seem to get started. Good luck with your goals!

Bobbi said...

i bought blush to do rachels pinwheel too...and have yet to dive in. im a little nervous, but the photos are coming out with the completed projects and now i have the itch. good luck !

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