April 18, 2010


It has been a long day! First I attended our 3rd Houston Modern Quilt Guild meeting. Like always, it was fun. We have some really talented and sweet ladies (and guy) in our group. I always enjoy seeing what everyone is working.

I was so proud of myself, I drove ALONE across Houston to make it to the meeting. This was my 1st BIG outing…and I lived to tell about it :) I LOVE my new car with that FANTASTIC GPS system…wouldn’t have made it without her.

When I arrived back home hubby had the lawn mowed and the dead bushes cut down. I noticed that some of the fallen acorns had taken root in the flower beds so I stood out there and pulled them while I waited for hubby to get home.

After dinner, I decided I wanted to get the binding made for the RECESS and Hubby’s B-day quilts. As I was finishing up, my friend CJ got online and we chatted for a bit…CJ I know you are reading this…Thanks for the Laugh…I am still laughing and probably will be for days!!!

Now it is 12:39 AM and I am beat…so off to bed I go. Tomorrow I hope to get the binding sewn to the tops of the 2 quilts so I can get started on another one!



Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

Wow - you've been busy! So proud of you for stepping out and driving in the big city! And, I must say - I love the quilting you did on your hubby's quilt - he's going to love it!!!

CJ said...

:D that was a fun time last night! Glad I could lift your mood and make you laff. Sorry about the DP spewing though.

Pat said...

Crystal, You sure have been real busy. I love your white quilt a lot. I made a white quilt many years ago. I hand quilted the mariner's compass on it, plus some other little stitches. I really like the touch of blue in your quilt. Just lovely, Rene, just lovely. Happy Quilting!

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