April 8, 2010

He Got His License!!

Kyle went to the Eye Dr. on Tuesday, and the poor kid really couldn’t see a thing. Turns out he has congenital cataracts in both eyes and a stigmatism in the left. He couldn’t make out a single letter on any of the lines she showed him. Good news is the cataracts are not severe enough to need surgery, and also they were able to give him contacts to correct his vision. He can see better than me now! I felt really bad about him not being able to see. The Dr. said not to feel bad, that I really had no way of knowing unless he told me he couldn’t see and unfortunately he didn’t know because he didn’t know any different.

We went to the DPS yesterday and he passed the eye exam without problems…in fact he was reading off the letters so fast that she was like OK OK…LOL

He has been going around reading signs and everything else he sees. I am so PROUD for him. He keeps making comments about how wonderful it feels! I am ONE HAPPY MOM right now :)



Mandy said...

Awe! That's so great!!!! I remember a teacher telling our class that when she first got her glasses, she found out her curtains had polka-dots and she thought they were plain!

I hope he loves those spectacles!!!!

AllieKatMom said...

Sorry about the eye problems, poor Kyle! At least he can fix it with contacts.
Now he can drive you everywhere, thats the best part! Oh and when you need something from the store send him...lol


When my daughter was bout 10 she walked past a lamp we had had awhile and said she did not realize it had a design on it--so off to the eye doctor she went and she came home with glasses on--and like Kyle--she had a ball seeing things for the first time--like everything was new!!! Kids are great!!!
Hugs, Di

Little Lady Patchwork said...

I felt the same way when I got my first pair of glasses! I was 16 als,o about to take my driver's test, and I found out that I couldn't read the letters. Then I got glasses/contacts and I had no idea that the world was so bright and beautiful.

So don't feel bad because he really didn't know that there is a difference. (I didn't).

Congrats on having another driver in the house!

amy and the bad cats said...

so glad the cataracts don't require surgery and that contacts solved the problem.

Michelle said...


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