April 6, 2010

April Goals-CGQC

  • Recess Charm Quilt-For my Grandmother
  • Frolic Quilt-(have 2 quilts to make with Frolic, not sure which I am going to start)
  • Sew 2 Speak Block-House
  • 1 Year, 12 Quilts Block-Ocean Inspired (Neptune)
  • Round Robin Block

My Big goal for April has nothing to do with Quilting… So what is it you ask??? Well, I plan on getting my house back on a schedule. Before I moved here to Houston my house was always sparkling clean and nothing out of place. The laundry was always done, and I was proud of what I accomplished at the end of a day. I use the FlyLady System or a form of it anyway. I have a House Hold binder that has all my daily schedules and routines in it. It sounds a lot more difficult that it is. Once your house is in order and you have a routine the house is just ALWAYS clean and there is just a little daily maintenance. I have been putting this off I guess because I have been homesick and not really ready to face the reality that this is now home, and is going to be for a while. Over the weekend I busted my rear to get everything cleaned and caught up so starting Monday I could get back on schedule. I have my Binder updated and also my Zones matched up to my new home. There isn’t one single piece of dirty laundry in this house and the floors are shining, and I am HAPPY :) Even the pool, patios, driveway, and garage are all cleaned! WHOO HOO.

Now that my house is clean I don’t have to feel so guilty when I sit down to sew, and that is a good feeling.

On another note, I took my son Kyle to the DPS yesterday to get his drivers license. He is 17 and took his drivers education class a little over a year ago. I haven’t been in a huge hurry for him to drive especially since the move and being in a bigger place. Anyway, we went yesterday to get the license. We waited for 2 hours and witnessed some interesting stuff while we waited. We get up to the counter and guess what??? My poor kid couldn’t read a single # during the eye test. He was rambling off some letters and the lady behind the counter told him that there were not any letters on that line. SOOOO he was denied and given a form to take to the eye doctor. I felt so bad for him. he was so excited. When we got into the car his eyes swelled up with tears. So you better believe that this Mama drove quickly to the clinic and made it just in time to get an appointment for today. I can not stand to see my kids disappointed like that especially when they don’t usually get upset like that! So wish us luck at the eye doctors today…I still can’t believe that he was having problems seeing and failed to mention that to me :) KIDS!



joan said...

Great goals for April.... Happy Sewing. When our children's hearts hurt we hurt for sure... Isn't it true that everything happens for a reason.I use to do the eye tests in the schools and I can't tell you Rene, how many kids would fail the test and their parents has no idea. Gosh the kids tehmselves had no idea because they adjust to their limited vision and it becomes the norm to them.
Good luck today and good luck with the driver's test.

CJ said...

I should get back on my FLY routines as well. You've inspired me.
I sure would have thought your son was having issues not being able to see at other times. Good thing this was caught now and can get taken care of.

Michelle said...

I wish I could get somebody to do the 'FLY' routine on my house! lol!

amy and the bad cats said...

um, i'll make your wonky house block for you if you'll come clean my house! just kidding, but you may have to share your system with me.

Linda said...

Good for you for taking him right to the clinic. It is hard when they are so looking forward to something so important. Could you share with me more about the •1 Year, 12 Quilts Block-Ocean Inspired (Neptune)? I have Neptune fabric that I hope to make a quilt some day.

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