February 21, 2010

Verna Quilt Update…

I have all the squares laid out on my sheet. I still need to perfect the spacing, but it is coming along.

This is how I had it laid out at first.


I wasn’t sure I was in love with the BRIGHT PINK squares. I only had 4 of them and to me it just needed a couple more so I took them out and now it looks like this…


not sure why the picture turned out so dark, maybe my flash didn’t go off? Anyway here is it without the BRIGHT PINK squares…what do you think? Layout 1 or layout 2?

Here is a better picture of layout 2 taken from the side angle.


I wish the charms had more of the bright pink squares, but each charm only had 1 of each fabric and I only had 4 charm packs…I am thinking without more of the bright pink I am liking the second layout better. Leave a comment letting my know what you think.

Off to get them spaced correctly, this should be fun….NOT



CJ said...

Gotta love Blogger - NOT! I left one post already but it isnt' here. Grrrr.
I love the layouts! Both of them. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the pink pieces. I personally can't leave a fabric out unless I think it is HIDEOUS and that pink is far from that. Did you try balancing them more?? I see you have them all on one side of the quilt. What if you don't use all four of them? What if you try 3 or maybe just 2? Either way, LOVE the layout, LOVE the quilt. You have my address, right??? :D

Luv 2 Kreate said...
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CJ said...
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joan said...

I love them both. When I look at my charms I really like the pink. I was thinking what I was going to do in mine is use the pink and where there are not too many I am going to put a 1" pink border to balance the pink squares.

annieb said...

Or, if you really like order, put the 4 squares in the four corners...or the centre

Mandy said...

I love them both! I think which ever one suits you most you should go for, if not you'll probably always be irked by them!

AllieKatMom said...

I am going to disagree with everyone and go with out the pink! I think you are right and everything else is a pastel color and just having 4 bright pink looks kind of strange to me. I would maybe use it in a cute peiced backing or something :) I do love this though, I so want to try it! I am working on a crazy nine patch, hopefully I can post some pics tomorrow.

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