February 13, 2010


For about a month now I have had some kind of virus on my computer. My Anti-Virus software catches it and keeps it from running, but it just keeps trying to run over and over. I have tried everything with out luck. Last night I finally had enough and decided to restore the computer. What a PAIN in the rear that is! I spent several hours backing up Firefox and Outlook and my documents folders. I managed to remember to write down most of the software serial #’s, but forgot to write down my Anti-Virus serial #. It was renewed about a month ago and apparently they set it with a new code….UGGGG. On top of that I am having a few issues setting up Outlook again, but the good news is I didn’t lose anything :)

It is going to take forever to set up the mail rules and get everything reorganized. I had tweaked a lot of my Vista settings, and I can’t remember how I did it, so that means trying to figure it out OR getting used to it the way it is.



Cindy said...

Keep your spirits up - you'll get it done. I've tackled crashing and reinstalling my entire computer before and I understand how time consuming it can be.

Mandy said...

Sometimes it's easier to get a mac... they can't get viruses... and therefore you save money on virus scan!

Sorry that was probably rude lol! I hope you have your old betsy back in working order soon :)

I look forward to visiting your blog again!

Crystal Hendrix said...

My hubby does this for a living and knows Vista and Outlook rather well. Do you want to send him an email or me an email with some of the questions you have and he can help you with it? I bet with the Vista settings you can just tell him what you want and he can tell you what you need to do. OR if you were really willing to give up he can connect remotely to your computer and do it for you. :D

Kim said...

Bummer:( Those viruses are a pain. Hang in there.

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