January 8, 2010

Great Mail Day!

1 Hushabye Jelly Roll


and 1 Sorbet Layer Cake…I HAVE to get my hands on some more of this! Anybody know where some is available??? I LOVE IT!



CJ said...

I have always liked Sorbet (although I don't own any), just looks so fresh and pretty. SO what are you looking for? More pre-cuts or yardage? Just what ARE you going to make with it??

CJ said...

I've sent you email but there seems to be a problem.

Michelle said...

That Sorbet looks delicious! You might might find some at The Virginia Quilter.

Rene' said...

I clicked over from Sew Take A Hike's blog. I didn't remember commenting on her recent post, and realized there is another Rene! I really like your blog...and your name.

From another Rene'

Rene' said...

P.S. I made a coin quilt with Sorbet for my sister. I think you might be able to find some at Fat Quarter Shop.

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