January 13, 2010

Building Blocks

I joined a Quilting Bee and needed to come up with an idea for my quilt I want the ladies to make for me. My month is February and I need to be getting things ready so I can mail the packages out the last week of January. I am really excited about this Bee. I already made and sent Donna’s block (she was January). I thought it might be fun to take you on the journey of deciding on my block :)

First you need inspiration…

I knew the minute I saw these that this is what I wanted to do.



I collect crosses and have them all over my house…



 DSC_0672 DSC_0673 DSC_0674 DSC_0675

Those are just the ones I have have out…there are several more that I haven’t found a place for since the move.

Can you see why I am choosing to have the GIRLS make me cross blocks???

So now the hard part…I need to decide on fabric and make a test block to see how much is needed. Ok, so where do you find patterns for cross blocks (besides boring ones)? You can’t. So I am asking the girls to make up their own.

This is the block that I have designed…

The rough draft (very rough)


and here is my block after being drawn out in EQ6…

Cross Block

Here is my Diagram and Paper Piecing Foundations…


Designing the Block and Foundations Pieces was really fun :)

Here are my block pieces…

oops, I forgot to take pictures of all the block pieces I had after getting them sewn and cut out…there were about 22 pieces all together.

here is the back of the block after sewing the pieces together…


here it is the front (paper still on)


and here it is after removing the paper, starched and pressed (It got a little stretched from removing the paper) But over all I am very pleased. It is the 1st time I have ever designed something myself, so I am just thrilled that it came out and it looks the way I had imagined it would :)


I am going to make a few more sample blocks too :) The next ones will be a little simpler!


CJ said...

Your block looks GREAT!!! Yeah for you!!
I love all the crosses you have around the house too.

Kim B said...

Wow Rene! That block is amazing! And thank you so much for sharing your cross collection with us! I have been wanting to collect crosses for a long while myself.

Michelle said...

Wow! I love it!!!

Rene' said...

Rene, just amazing! Love your cross collection. You did a wonderful job in designing the cross quilt block.

Pat said...

Rene, The cross block is very pretty. I like the deaign. It's nice that you collect crosses. Couldn't think of a better thing to collect. Nice job. I enjoy your blog.

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