December 16, 2009

CGQC December Tag

For this months tag Joan has asked us to share our favorite Christmas decorations. I am sharing my tree and my nativity set. I didn’t put all of our ornaments on the tree this year (I wish I had). My boys and I have spent years collecting snowman ornaments. You will not see them in the picture…This is the 1st time they haven’t been on the tree. For some reason I wasn’t in a decorating mood :(

This is how the tree looks without my favorite snowman ornaments…


Here is my nativity set. I love my nativity set so much that up until the move 4 months ago, this had a permanent spot in my living room (we didn’t save it just for Christmas). I really don’t have a place to do that here…yet!


Tomorrow I may get out a few of my favorite snowman ornaments and take and post some pics :)


Natalia said...

I have the same nativity and I LOVE it! I should keep mine up all year long too because I love it that much! Thanks for sharing, I love your Christmas tree too!

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