November 18, 2009

It’s A Finish (More Than One)!

Whoo Hoo I have been busy the past week!
1st I finished my Quilt For Kids Quilt
And I also completed my Spring Magic Scruffy Quilt…I LOVE THIS QUILT!
DSC_0366 DSC_0372 DSC_0379DSC_0376 
Here is a pic of my quilt folded into a pretty little pile of quilted fabric!
I used 2 layer cakes, 2 charm packs, 1/2 of a jelly roll, and 5-1/2 yds backing for this quilt. With the rest of the jelly roll I decided to make another quilt. I am trying not to have too many left overs. The only thing I didn’t have on hand when making the second quilt was the Kona White. I had to purchase that. I bought a HUGE 108x108 inch piece so I have some for my stash now :)
Here are some previews… Wish I would have taken a picture of the 1 really long strip I had sewn this jelly roll into, but I was in a quilting groove and it slipped my mind until a friend reminded me to take lots of pictures!
DSC_0355 DSC_0357 DSC_0363 DSC_0364
I used every bit of fabric I had from the Spring magic line. I am sad that it is gone, but love the 2 quilts I made from it :) I have all the quilting finished on this one and just need to do the binding. I will be using the left over fabric from the back of my Scruffy to bind and label this one. I plan to do a matching flower appliqué on the back for the label. This was my first attempt at free motion quilting. It isn’t perfect, but I think I did a pretty good job.


Terry said...

Congrats on the quilts! They're all lovely! :0)

CJ said...

You've been productive! That spring fabric is so pretty. I never really paid attention to it before. Awesome on the free motion quilting of the flowers!! I am eyeing that machine of yours and envying that large area to fit a quilt in while you free motion. :D

annieb said...

Love the scruffy quilt and the fabric you used. It is on my "to do list"- you know that very long quilting list that grows by leaps and bounds...

Kelly@ Charming Chatter said...

It's B-E-A-utiful! Way to sew (and free motion) girl!

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