August 15, 2009

Boxes, boxes, and more boxes…

I was up until 5 (I can’t sleep well when Scott is gone), up at 10, and feeling very cranky and tired! My oldest son Kyle helped me pack the kitchen and a few other things last night after I picked him up from work. It felt like we got a lot done. I keep thinking I’m going to finished soon, then I look around and realize I have this or that still to do. Will it ever end? There are boxes everywhere I look, and besides the boxes, the house is starting to look so empty. The boxes are starting to really drive me nuts! I also cleaned out kids closets and have TONS of stuff to take to Once Upon A Child. Maybe I will make a few $$$ to go to the Quilt Store one last time before I move.

My closet is all packed except my suitcase...

The living room, entry, and kitchen are starting to get pilled up…and my poor sewing machine is looking so sad waiting to be put away….
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Terry said...

Wow...I remember all too well that mess of boxes sitting all over my house. I sure hope I don't have to move again any time soon!

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